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AQ2E Quote Engine

The AQ2E Quote Engine – where your clients can compare rates and find the plan that’s right for them.

Customizable Microsites

Get your very own Term Life Microsite, whether you have or do not have a website, any agent can market and sell term life insurance online. Our Term Life Microsite is not just a quote engine but an interactive sales tool designed to walk your client through the sales process. Choose from 40 different color schemes.

Dynamic Interactive Banners

If you have a personal website and want your own Term Life Quote Engine, you can simply copy a simple script onto your website page. Choose from many different images and sizes, select your carriers and states to quote or create your own text banner. You can add name, email, email address and phone number fields to capture leads.


The AQ2E Platform supports most of the top carriers and especially those Carriers that have the most competitive rates. View the list of Carriers below:

Facebook App

Get the most out of your Social Media marketing with our new Facebook App designed to work within the Facebook environment.

The  AQ2E Platform provides you with a simple and easy way for selling Term Life Insurance. That’s great, but in sales, unless people know about it, it has no value. You need to get eyes on it. How do you do that? We have the answer… We provide all the tools you will need to get started to hit the ground running.


Automated Personal Contact Emails

With your permission, we will send out automated contact emails to your clients on your behalf each month.

CRM Management Tools

Import / Export existing clients. Opens and clicks are added to your CRM client list and are then available to market as current clients.

Automated email Filtering

Never send a wrong email twice – bad emails are automatically marked.

Automated Newsletter

With your permission, we will send out a monthly email newsletter to your clients.

Unlimited Emails

No limit on the amount of emails you can send to existing clients.

CRM - Event Campaigns

Schedule Event Campaigns in your CRM “Set it and Forget it”. Event Campaigns for Birthdays, Holidays, Business Review Dates. When you sign up, we will pre-set Birthdays and Holidays for you.


Liberty Publishing

Included with the platform are Liberty Publishing publications. 6 different Financial and Insurance Newsletters ready for immediate emailing, plus 100s of articles available for separate emailing at no additional cost.


Automated Email Campaigns

We’ve created multiple Email Campaigns ready to use incorporating Inbound Marketing. The prospecting email contains an offer. The offer can include one of many guides we’ve created for you. The opens are added to your client list making them part of future mailings. A click will take your prospect to a capture page form that will allow the prospect to download a free offer that starts a six-email campaign. Each campaign goes from nurturing and educating to offering a term life quote.

Prospecting Database List

Choose from a consumer database of over 28 million consumer prospects or a database of over 6.5 million businesses. Select Consumers based on location and other criteria like age, gender, income and much more and business prospects based on location, number of employees, industry and more.

Opens and Clicks

In your Outbound email campaigns, opens are added to your CRM client list and are then available to market as current clients. The initial click brings up a Capture Page, once filled out, provides a free eBook offer and starts a six-email campaign. Each click becomes a real-time web event that is tracked and recorded in your back office.

Capture Pages

Capture Pages instantly pull prospects into your sales funnel, perfect for marketing! Lead Capture Pages are curiosity-provoking web pages that capture new leads and contact details (including name, email address, and phone number). As prospects complete the form, they are added to your contact manager, tracked, followed-up with, and educated… all automatically.


AQ2E Life Marketing Website

In addition to the AQ2E Platform program, you get a unique AQ2E Marketing Microsite designed specifically for the AQ2E Marketing Platform which has five Inbound Marketing themed campaigns.

Click Here To View Demo Marketing Microsite

Inbound Marketing

An Inbound marketing campaign is triggered from your marketing microsite whenever anyone clicks to download a free offer on the home page, and completes the capture page. Rather than from an email, this Inbound marketing campaign is initiated on a submitted request from a capture page.

Our Campaigns

Included with your AQ2E Marketing Platform are five Inbound Marketing Campaigns:

  • Family Protection
  • Life Events
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Policy Checkup
  • Business Protection

When a prospect clicks on a campaign to receive a free offer, completes the Capture Page form, they will receive an immediate email with the free offer. The campaign continues with six follow emails that starts with nurturing and educating to offering a free term quote.


For each of the campaigns, we created compelling offers, as Lead Magnents coresponding with each campaign,  that include, a Buy/Sell Guide, a Life Insurance review guide, a Mortgage Free Guide, and a Needs Analyzer worksheet.

Capture Page

Whenever someone clicks for a free offer, they are directed to a Capture Page instantly pulling them into your sales funnel. This is where you capture their name, email address, and phone number.


Whenever the prospect clicks a link in any of the Inbound Marketing Campaign emails the activity is tracked and recorded in your back office.


We Really Do Have the Best Prices

The AQ2E Quote Engine Platform is included in the offer. For existing clients, after signing up, your account will be automatically upgraded to the new platform.

Other Guys



Inbound Marketing: $200.00 – $800.00

Outbound Marketing: $179.00 – $299.00

Agent Website: ~$35.00 – $150.00

Facebook App: ~$20.00 – $50.00

Website Quoter: ~$25.00 – $80.00

Setup Fee: ~$199.00 – $299.00

The Total Solution

PER USER/MONTH(with promo code)

AQ2E Marketing Platform

AQ2E Platform

Outbound Marketing: Included

Inbound Marketing: Included

AQ2E Platform: Included

Agent Website: Included

Facebook App: Included

Mobile Life Quoter app: Included

Calculator Analyzer: Included

Setup Fee

Get Your Discount

Ask around, we really do have the best pricing and the total marketing solution.

Hubspot, the guru of Inbound Marketing, has great tools, but it is not designed specifically for insurance agents, plus you do all the work. Starts at $200.00 per month.

Our platform uses pre-designed Inbound Marketing Campaigns to help you prospect for new clients with a database of 28 million consumers and 6.5 million businesses available to you.

On the Outbound side of marketing, companies offering automated emails to your clients start at $179 per month and go much higher.

Our Platform automatically sends out personal contact emails and a newsletter email to you clients once a month. Your clients will also receive Birthday and Holiday emails.

And, we have no set-up fees.

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AQ2E Total Solution

AQ2E Total Solution

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